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Peggy Dobreer


       Poet | Writing Facilitator
       curator of slow lightning lit

"Dobreer's approach……..

                                   is magical."

               -Janet Fitch, Chimes of a Lost Cathedral

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Poems in quarantine
published by Glass Lyre Press

Slow Lightning:
published by Slow Lightning Lit


"Dobreer offers a choreography of negations and reversals, where we may become "whole in our singularity," where the negative space around the dancer becomes another kind of dance. Forbidden Plums is an elegy for the living by a poet at the height of her powers."

                             -Chad Sweeney, Little Million Doors

"More than editor, Peggy Dobreer has served as expert midwife to this collection of poems that emerged from her daily guided meditations and integrated writing prompts. Born at the height of the Pandemic, these poems channel unflinching candor, innovative storytelling, and mastery. This is a deeply satisfying collection to be savored."

                                   -Steven Reigns, A Quilt for David

Peggy Dobreer  


is a Los Angeles poet, curator and writing facilitator with three published books of poetry: Forbidden Plums, with Glass Lyre Press; Drop & Dazzle and In the Lake of Your Bones with Moon Tide Press.


She is a graduate of Whittier College, studied poetry at Charles University, School of Anglophile Studies in Prague and was awarded the 2017 "Poetry Matters Prize” from The Downey Symphony Orchestra in association with NASA. 


Dobreer has work in  a variety of publications, most recently: Dashboard Horus: A Bird's Eye View of the Universe, Kyoto Journal: Reflections from Asia, Micro Lit Journal from Birch Bark Editing. Her poems have been included in Voices From Leimert Park: Redux Anthology (Harriet Tubman Press for Tsehai Publishers); Aeolian Harp Folio Series Vols. I and V, (Glass Lyre Press). Everything About You Is Beautiful, Yoga Magazine, and Poetic Diversity online among others.  


A former choreographer, designer, and lifelong experiential researcher of somatic practice and mystical traditions, Dobreer was a Program Director at AROHO2015, in Abiquiu, New Mexico. She is a Community of Writers Poetry Alum and the curator/facilitator of Slow Lightning Lit.

Drop and dazzle, 2018


"These poems are precise and personal; they are of cups and bowls and bones and winds. Of mortality and fallibility, of soaring and touching the ground…she builds them with deftly sensed lines, merciless insight and exquisite craft, weaves them with wit and passion and an infallible ear for the music of words."

                              -Ricki Mandeville

II do not have a lake house to return to every summer with my sisters but I do have Peggy Dobreer's book, In The Lake Of Your Bones. Her poems have become a second home to me. Full of heirlooms and ghosts and the makings of sweet dreams. Her voice is as clear, strong and welcoming as any family home could hope to be. Her honesty and vulnerability form a complicit alliance with the reader to stay on the path of wisdom. Her voice is impassioned and steeped in an elegance that a reader can cling to whether looking for truth or inspiration to get up and dance. Peggy Dobreer's poetry is the sister that encourages you to sort out your memories and celebrate life.​

                          -Raundi Kai Moore-Kondo



Embodied Poetry Workshops:


A lifelong teaching artist and former dancer, Dobreer brings movement, contemplative practice, human development, peace studies, visual craft, and an enduring love of words to her workshops and mentees.  She migrated to poetry through an early professional life in live theatre and a thirty year practice in Neo-Modern Dance and Contact Improvisation.


Dobreer taught ten years in the Mysteries Program for Human Development at Crossroads School. She co-authored 64 Ways To Practice Nonviolence, a peace studies curriculum aligned with Language Arts Standards; earned certificates in Prime of Life Yoga and Sanskrit Studies in India; and studied poetry with Brendan Constantine at LMU and James Ragan at Charles University in Prague.  

In 2015, Peggy served as a Program Director for A Room of Her Own Foundation, AROHO2015 Women's Writing Retreat, at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico, where she introduced and explored Somatic Writing Practices which have become the foundation of Embodied Poetry Workshops,  Slumber Write Marathons and her daily Slow Lightning: Meditation and Writing Practice online.  She has been nominated four times for the Pushcart Prize.

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Slow Lightning: Impractical Poetry Release Reading

          Fond Poem Film by Janine Parkinson


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