DROP and DAZZLE, Moon Tide Press 2018

Drop and Dazzle is both elegant and fierce, written in equal parts ink, earth, and smoke... Here is poetry responsive to that which we hope brightens in us every day, here is poetry to bear our darkness without ever having to touch the ground.

                                                                                                                   -Brendan Constantine, Dementia My Darling, Letters to Guns


She builds them with deftly sensed lines, merciless insight, and exquisite craft, weaves them with wit and passion and an infallible ear for the music of words, the “tenderness rendered,” the “paisley splay.” Here are poems that paint and haunt, that invite you put them on like skin and notice how perfectly they fit.                                                          -Ricki Mandeville, A Thin Strand of Lights



The book dazzled me the way the poet moves her lens, from tight focus to wide--sometimes thrilling with the luminous specificity of a gesture, and at other times with the celestial, the sweeping, the grand.        -Mandy Kahn, Math Heaven Time, Glen Gould's Chair

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IN THE LAKE OF YOUR BONES, Moon Tide Press 2018

In the Lake of Your Bones is a poetry book that opens like a revelation. Peggy Dobreer blends memory, meditation, nature, sensuality, and takes us to the lucid place between intuition and wisdom, desire and surrender. The language is at the same time enigmatic and transparent. Dobreer writes: 'This poem is for you./ You are the sanctuary of these words'. As readers, we have no escape; words and bones become of the same matter, we see ourselves in the inner lake of this luminous book.       

                                                                                                                     -Mariano Zaro, Desde Donde, The House of Mae Rimn

Peggy Dobreer's "In The Lake of Your Bones" is a reflective study of primal nature and the human spirit. Like the 'braiding of two songs', her voice is both personal and evoctively empowering in its imagery of the natural world. These are poems of affirmation. This is a much welcomed debut."                                                                                                 -James Ragan, Womb Weary, Too Long A Solitude

ISBN #978-0-9839651-2-1.     $15.00.             * CLICK ENVELOPE TO ORDER signed copies DIRECT

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