E=Mc2Bodied Poetry Workshops

PEGGY DOBREER is a lifelong teaching artist and former dancer who brings movement, contemplative practice, human development, peace studies, visual craft, and an enduring love affair with language to her E=Mc2Bodied Poetry Workshops.  


Peggy has migrated throughout her professional life from a very early interest in theatrical improvisation, into a 30 year practice in an art sport known as Contact Immprovisation. In contact, sharing a center of gravity, dancers explore non-verbal communication through the exchange of weight and energy using the laws of physics that govern all bodies in motion as guiding principles. After becoming a parent in 1987, Peggy was trained and taught ten years in the Mysteries Program for Human Development at Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences. She co-authored and taught 64 Ways To Practice Nonviolence, a peace studies curriculum aligned with Language Arts Standards; earned certificates in Prime of Life Yoga and Sanskrit Stiudies in India; and studied poetry with Jim Ragan at Charles University in Prague, and extensively with Brendan Constantine at LMU.  

In 2015, Peggy had the good fortune of serving as a Program Director for A Room of Her Own Foundation, AROHO2015 Retreat, at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico. There she introduced and examined what her varied background might provide for other writers in her daily E=Mc2Bodied Poetry Practice. 


"Until I took Peggy Dobreer’s Workshop I never knew movement could open such rich avenues of play and invention in my writing process. Dobreer’s approach is magical."       

                                                                                  -Janet Fitch, White Oleander, The Revolution of Marina M.

Spectacle: Through the Lens of a Poem 


​How does the world change when we look through the lens of Santa Monica's own Camera Obscura?  What other lenses are we privy to?  What does 'spectacle' have to do with poetry? What does poetry have to do with other genres? And what does everything mentioned have to do with the body of the writer?


This generative workshop points to and relies on the receptivity of the writers sensory organs as well as to a packet of poems and prompts that explore these questions in a quick-moving, and contemplative workshop experience.  

$30  July 20, 11am-2pm

https://amp.activecommunities.com.   or call 310) 458-2239 to register

Changing Gears: Encourages a Change of Approach

Poets Peggy Dobreer and Brendan Constantine present a generative workshop that asks: What happens when we think of a poem as a mechanism like a clock, but a clock that measures time in all directions? Or is the poem a kind of mind - does it think? Can it interview its author? What might it ask about itself? 


This is a collaborative generative workshop that reconsiders impulse, communion, and surprise. No experience necessary.

$40  August 24th.  11am-2pm

https://amp.activecommunities.com.  or call 310) 458-2239 to register



Book a reading for your classroom, club, scout troop,

camp, dinner party, fundraiser, or birthday party.


Book a workshop specifically geared to your group, classroom, home school network, or community needs.


Book Peggy with her portable Hermes to type Poems on Request at your pop-up, holiday office party, Bar Mitzvah, fundraiser or healing arts event.


Commission Peggy to write an Ekphrastic Response to your artwork and read at your exhibit's opening prty.


Submit ten poems for review and comment. I will give written comments as well as meet for discussion. For beginning or advanced poets. Sliding scale.


Content editing and organization for your chap book manuscript. Sliding scale varies with page count.



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Ekphrastic Reading for Climate Change Fundraiser at Bergamot Station

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